Expert 1.5K-Taurus

1.5 kW Solid State Fully Automatic Linear Amplifier



  • Manufacturer price TBD €

  • Double MOSFET with 1.8 KW dissipation each.

    Granting great robustness, efficiency and linearity.

  • The smallest in its class:

Built-in Power supply and Automatic Antenna Tuner.

Dimension: L 28, H 12, P 38 cm ( 11.02” W, 4.72” H, 14.96” D ) connector included. Approx. weight about 9,5 Kg (20.9 lbs).

  •  The most technologically advanced in the world:

Two powerful CPUs are used.

             Over 30,000 lines of software, for performance that cannot be found together in any other amplifier.

  •  Fully automatic:

    Easy connection with all models "ICOM, YAESU, KENWOOD, TEN-TEC, FLEX-RADIO, ELECRAFT" for immediate management of the bands, tuner and antennas.

    Same performance with all makes and some homemade rigs.

    The operator only has to move the “Frequency Tuning Knob” of the transceiver.
  • Wide frequency coverage:

1.8 MHz to 50 MHz including WARCs.

              60 m band, where permitted.

  • Fully solid state:
    Solid 1.5 KW out, HF (+/- 0.5 dB), 50 MHz (+/- 0.8 dB).

    Switchable in MAX (full power), MID (1KW) or LOW (500 W), power selected according to the operator’s requirement or automatic for amplifier protection.

    No warmup time, immediately ready!
  • Automatic antenna tuner built-in:

Capable of matching up to 5:1 SWR on HF, and 2.5:1 SWR on 6 meters.

Capable of program controlling 4 aerials (SO239 connectors).

Program up to 2 aerials for each band.

Management of SteppIR / Ultrabeam aerials (tunable).

Also measures the SWR of the antenna and cable system.

Bands, aerials, tuning conditions are changed in 10 msec.

Bands, aerials and tuning conditions are managed so that in “STBY“, only the exciter is passed through to the output.

Max. attenuation 0.8 dB. ATU bypass capable.

  • SO2R.
  • Two inputs available:

SO239 connectors.

  • High power gain (up to 15 dB):

In “OPERATE“ the required drive power is automatically set with the ALC connection.

In “STANDBY“ the exciter is automatically reset to full power.

  • Very clean and low distortion output:

Spurious emissions FCC, CE, RCM (C-Tick) compliant.

3rd order distortion (two tone test) from -32 dB to -38 dB, -35 dB ( typ. ).

  • Input / Protections:

50 ohm always perfectly matched, SWR always better than 1.2:1.

Temperature, Voltage, Current, reflected PW, out PW, SWR, Vrf max on tuner, etc.

are continuously monitored. The same protection is realized in two different ways:

  Via hardware circuits (HW) to assure great speed.

  Via software (SW), to assure great accuracy.

Due to the sophisticated software, the transmit relay changeover is carried out with zero current on the contacts. Protection against first spike.

  • Full break-in operation (QSK).

  • Quiet operation:

Linear management of the speed of the cooling fans of the heatsink.

The amplifier develops a significant amount of heat that must be removed. Therefore, every precaution is taken to keep the fan noise at the lowest possible level. Fan noise is significantly lower than with tube type amplifiers.

  • Use:

Full I.C.A.S. in SSB, CW, FT8. In FM the amplifier automatically switches to "MID" if for 15 sec. a continuous signal is emitted in "MAX".

  • Switching power supply:

Continuously operable at inputs between 100 – 255 VAC, 47-63 Hz.

(100-120 VAC may cause slightly reduced output power).

PFC (Power Factor Correction).

  • The linear can be switched ON / OFF by switching the exciter ON / OFF.

  • Can be operated fully remotable.

  • With a large LCD display, it is possible to have a great deal of information:

Watts pep out, Vpa, Ipa, Watts, Temperatures, SWR (after and before the ATU),

Input setting, CAT setting, Band and other indications including the alarms log.

  • Easy to operate:

Powerful and sophisticated software gives you a user-friendly unit.

  • USB / RS232 ports:

For remote control.
For new software releases download.

  • Easy transportation:

A sturdy carry-bag is supplied for QSY, FIELD DAY, DXpeditions etc.

  • Certifications:

CE, FCC. RCM (C-Tick)


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